Proper dosage of Carbon 60 has not been scientifically evaluated, however, the most common dosage taken by people wishing to experiment with the long-term benefits of Carbon 60 is one teaspoon per day (approx 5 ml). There are about 20 teaspoons in our 100 ml bottle.

Pet Care Carbon 60 Dosage

We have included a dosage guideline here for your pets.

Carbon 60 oil can be taken any time of day, with or without food, depending on personal preference.

CatsMl needed
Under 2 kg0.25ml
2-6 kg0.5ml
6-10 kg0.75ml
2-6 kg0.5ml
6-12 kg0.75ml
12-15 kg1ml
15-25 kg1.5ml
25-35 kg2ml
35-55 kg3ml