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Do you know what a Buckminsterfullerene or a Carbon Nanotube is? Listen to this podcast and find out.

Ian studies a soccer ball-shaped molecule made of 60 carbon atoms that have some really interesting biological properties. Properties that are applicable to you, at least if you like to perform better.

Ian is the Vice-President of Research at Carbon60 Plus, and in this episode, he talks us through the science and implications of his work on our pet’s (and our) health.

Enjoy listening.

Show Notes

  • How the “C60 lethal dose curve” works 00:07:40
  • Why it is impossible to do a single variable test 00:12:2
  • Longevity and anti-ageing. How long are the people in Ian’s office going to live? 00:17:59
  • There is a current epidemic of dogs dying too young 00:32:48
  • You do not want to copy cells that already have problems 00:45:42
  • Project yourself into the future, see if they’ve solved it, and bring it back 00:48:15
  • The hubris of people in science 00:53:51
  • How Ian’s parents biohacked him as a kid 00:55:57
  • Reinventing the oval 00:57:39