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Australian suppliers of Carbon 60, research grade fullerene, in Organic Olive, Black Seed and MCT oil.

A fully saturated, 0.8 mg per ml Carbon 60 solution.

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Ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After extensive study in olive oil quality, we found that NASAA certified brand organic extra virgin olive oil from the Victorian Grampians region has proven to be the highest quality. Our Grampians Extra virgin Olive Oil is the best olive oil available with the most consistent quality.

This Olive Oil is obtained when oil is extracted solely by mechanical means (no excessive heat or solvents) from fresh, good quality olives. Extra virgin olive oil is free of any taste defects and has a free fatty acidity level of less than 0.8%. Grampians Estate cold presses their olives on site immediately once picked, achieving an acidity level typically around 0.1% to 0.2% – placing our oil in the ultra-premium end of extra virgin!